Appraisal Foundation to Review Graduate Degree Programs

The Appraisal Foundation is establishing a program to review Graduate Real Estate Degree Programs. This is primarily for the purpose of allowing these Universities to offer their Graduate students appraisal credentials.

According to the Appraisal Foundation’s Press Release:

This program will benefit both state appraiser regulatory agencies in their review of an applicant’s qualifications, as well graduate degree applicants looking to obtain a real property appraiser credential. According to Gary Taylor, 2009 Chair of the AQB, “The AQB believes that this new program will assist those individuals who have made the substantial investment required to earn a graduate degree in real estate. It will not only assist these individuals that choose to pursue a real property appraiser credential, but it will also facilitate bringing some of the best and brightest into the profession.”

Colleges and Universities that wish to apply for this program should visit the Foundation’s web site at for a copy of the application.

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  1. Anonymous

    Let’s see… The “Best and Brightest” Obtain a Graduate Degree in Real Estate, obtain State Appraiser Certification and do appraisals for an AMC for $200 bucks a report! Sure

  2. Henry L. White, Sr. Ph.D.

    As a professor, broker and licensed real estate appraiser, I think the AQB has formed a relationship that will benefit the profession and academic community as a whole. I look forward to furture developments in this area.

  3. All residential appraisal assignments will come through AMC which, in some parts of the country, pay as little as $125. A person would have to have a very low IQ to consider entering into residential appraising field — and a degree is not going to improve the quality of those new appraisers.

  4. joanne bateni

    good appraisers charge up to $700 for a sfr appraisal. I have had apprasiers use 10 year old comps and under value property. I have had to get corrections to many appraisals due to errors in lot size, value and choice of comps. Maybe more education is the answer but I doubt at colleges since when I took my broker college courses the PHds didnot have a clue about real estate. Classes taught by working professional are more effective.

  5. David Rasmussen

    An AMC solicited my services for a retrospective review of a duplex that was appraised in 2005 and offered $200.00. Declined the assignment. The rep called, I requested a price revision and she just hung-up. This is the future of residential real estate appraisal. In realty nobody wants an appraisal; it interferes with the flow of business. So what is the future of the industry when nobody really want or desires the product? It called an AVM.

  6. The Appraisal Foundation’s lofty goals and ideals have no basis in reality. The reality is no one spending huge sums of money on a college degree is going to work for $175 per appraisal that takes 6-8 hrs. That’s about $21/hr. I think UPS pays more than that and they give you health insurance!