State Regulatory Clearinghouse

The Appraisal Institute has created a clearinghouse for state appraisal regulations. It’s a website that lists key regulatory issues facing each indivicual state appraisal board.

Every state has some type of body that governs appraisers, and their decisions can have a fairly profound affect on how appraisers operate within that state. So, staying on top of these issues is a good idea. It’s also just a good resource for understanding what appraisal issues are facing your state.

Here is the link:

State Regulatory Clearinghouse

  1. Anonymous

    If they wanted to fiddle faddle around with clearing houses, why couldn’t they have taken the time to create state clearing houses for appraisal orders? They could have made $25 per order and at the same time left $150 more for our pockets rather than AMCs.
    A clearing house is a clearing house for Christ sake. How difficult could it have been?

  2. Justin/Frank:
    What is the status of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct? Did AG Cuomo back off? Has it been watered down? or what?

  3. Justin Morton

    Harold, The final version of the HVCC has been introduced and it goes into affect May 1.
    Here is a link that explains more about the Agreement.