Comment of the Week

My favorite comment this week is from John:

Your worst enemy is fear, and appraisers who are scamming on expenses and memberships in order to stay afloat. A stolen MLS login is an example – it’s also a violation of the Ethics Rule. When an appraiser renegotiates with an AMC because they tell him he isn’t low enough, and then suggest the amount to go with – that’s price fixing. Remember, independent fee appraisers are supposed to base their fee on the amount of work required, independent of the value. If you don’t accept orders from them, then they will get behind and have no appraisers except the ones that continously screw up. Stand on your ethics, be strong, we hold the key to the success of our profession. It’ll be so busy after March you’ll be wondering what’s up.

Perhaps a bit optimistic, but I like the positive attitude.

  1. There are alot of issue’s with the new ruling forthcoming with AMC’s. The main issue is that they will control the industry with their turn times & fee’s. The only appraisers that will perform for them are the one’s that couldn’t effectively market themselves or the large company’s that only pay staff appraiser’s small fee’s. Also remember not only do we have to deal with this issue, but I was surprised to find out that AVM company’s are now buying into local MLS regions. Were does it stop. It’s a shame that the need for property evaluation’s will grow and the need for appraiser’s will deminish.

  2. Tim

    JUST SAY NO! (to AVM co)