Appraisers Brace for Industry Change

Great article from a San Francisco news site on the potential impact of the HVCC.

Right now, many of the appraisers are scrambling to get on “the lists” of AMCs and lenders.

There should still be jobs to go around, but appraisers are fretting that the amount they make on each assignment might be greatly reduced.

“Right now if the average fee is $400, I get the whole $400, but now the AMC is going to keep some of that money so I might end up with just $150 or $250,” Lederer said. “That’s where the appraisers are screaming bloody murder. In the past I might drive 45 minutes to Brentwood and do a job, but now that I have to give up some of the money it’s not even worth it because of the cost of gas,” he added.

The big question now becomes if, when, and how the codes will be enforced.

“There are pretty lofty goals here, and if the HVCC is successful it will be good for the lending industry and good for America,” Lederer said. “But if the government can’t stop somebody like Bernie Madoff, how are they going to enforce this?”

The enforcement aspect of this code remains the big question. And I still haven’t heard anything specific from Cuomo or FHFA on that front.

  1. David

    The title should read:
    “Appraisers Prepare To Be Forced Out Of Business By U.S. Government”
    Who cares if enforement works…unless residential appraising is 10% of your business you won’t survive to see if it succeeds.

  2. Barb Iverson

    So what is the great pleasure you get from OUTING good appraisers??? Why do you think we should get less for ever increasing services?
    What about those of us who are credible and have produced for years a quality product?
    Doesn’t seem fair to me and am relatively sure it will all come out in the wash when the AMC’s are not able to acquire good appraisals for the the horrendously low fees.
    I’m hanging in there and hope all good appraisers do the same.
    barb from MN

  3. Tim

    Enforcement is a big if. An agreement between the NY Attorney General and FNMA/FHLMC that resulted in the creation of the monster called the HVCC is NOT GOOD for America and somehow in the mix individual state rights have been overlooked or ignored. The HVCC is good for bankers as they can continue to funnel business through any number of Appraisal Managment Companies while overseeing the day to day operations or even holding a 20% ownership stake in any particular AMC. The key point is not so much the fees that are paid to the appraisers, yes they charge the borrower $450 and pay the appraiser $175 to $225 without disclosure, but they also have all the data contained in that appraisal report and the technology to remove the appraisers signature, reformulate, remove parts and even CHANGE the wording and values if they want. As well as to sell it off to one of the many data collecting companines out there. The HVCC, as currently proposed, mandates the AMC model but only gives a “promise” that the system will be monitored. Unlikely, as just this last year AMC use by appraisers and lenders was up about a third after the March agreement. Mortgage fraud was alos up nearly 50% in Florida in 2008. So much for protecting America and Americans with the HVCC and mandated use of AMC’s. Remember it was the fraudulent acts of an AMC and Lender that resulted in the lawsuit and subsequent agreement that brought us here. Individual States should govern the licensed industry professionals and if a federal standard is needed I would suggest that a “refresher” look at the FIRREA and TITLE XI regulations that were put into place after the S&L
    debacle 20 years ago might be a good place to start. Its unfortunate that big banking ran right over that regulation in just a few years. What makes us think that this will work any better ? Just another source of unearned profit from the labor of others.

  4. The main problem is that this(HVCC)as well as all rules and regs isssued by Fannie/Freddie are for the benefit of the lending industry as opposed to us appraisers. We are the unwanted, unimportant segment that is being dominated by the 700 lb gorillas (lenders) who want to make a profit from their tame AMCs at our expense. Instead of the back room cost of appraisal mangement that the lenders used to incur being borne by the lenders, they (the lenders)are succumbing to the competitive urging of the unregulated AMCs to save money (not even their own, but the borrowers) or skim the profits off our backs with the low fees perpertrated on us by the AMCs at the expense of losing quality appraisal business to the dregs of the industry that are willing to work for those fees. I know that some good appraisers that work for AMCS should not be included in that characterization, but if the fees paid to the appraiser for a 1004 with a 1004 MC is $200 or less, how can you justify the hours of preparing a quality report without admitting that every assignment is being prepared at a loss?
    Until the AMCs are regulated in every state the property is located in, they’ll continue to get away with this. Regulation in each state can help eliminate the problems somewhat as the more flaky AMCs drop out when such legislation is enacted, but the bottom line is that the lenders are uncaring about the plight of the fee appraiser as we are just perceived as being in the way of their collecting their commissions.
    I hope I didn’t come across as being a tad bit cynical!!

  5. Greg Mitchell

    Nowhere within the HVCC rules does it state that the lender has to use AMC’s. It’s the AMC’s demanding there use not the apprasiers or the lenders! Apprasiers beware!

  6. Doug

    I’m not looking forward to May 1. I’m already working like crazy for less. I had one AMC talk about the “generous” pay scale of 175 per apprasial. Get real! I’m surprised that appraisers haven’t started a class action suit against Cuomo. Isn’t this unfair regulation when they can strip us of our client base? Where is the Appraisal Institute in this? That’s why I gave up my membership. They propose working for us, but they have kept their mouths shut. All they want is money for their over priced education courses. We make less, they charge more??? HMM?

  7. If Hvcc had no appraiser’s to contract it would be out of business in a week. I personally will not do any work for this people AMC. By the way I’m from” Levites Appraisals” just in case they need my information. All that this new organization is doing is taking our fees. They Email everyday just shopping for fees, they are not trying to really get a professional report. Good luck Fannie and Freddie!!!!
    Carlos Alvarez
    Levites Appraisal LLC
    State Cert RD6811

  8. Trevor Peters

    I have read the HVCC and do not see any indication that lenders are required to use AMCs. The HVCC only restates the rules and guidelines Quality Appraisers have been following for years. The unfortunate side effect is that lenders are running scared and attempting to avoid even the perception of violating the HVCC by diving into the arms of the all to eager AMCs. It stinks of collusion that an AMC could even be partially owned by any banking or lending institution. Ultimately they will be tying the hands of the very people trying to row this boat to a safer shore while adding more and more baggage to an already sinking ship.
    The HVCC and all of the discussion is really a distraction from the true smoking gun. What is being done about the “geniuses” that commoditized massive bundles of questionable loans? How is it the fault of the Appraiser? It was the poor credit of the borrowers and the eagerness to buy these loans on the secondary market that caused the collapse. Oh, I remember what is being done about the “geniuses”… they are being bailed out. WHERE IS MY BAIL OUT? Is the Fed going to subsidize my lost fees?

  9. A long term Residential Appraiser and Broker, I realize the HVCC had good intentions at first, but has evolved into a fiasco, where some of the AMCs are back-ground owned by the larger lenders and thus how is annonymity to be achieved? AMC’s will strip away the appraisers’ fees and only the newbies who’ll work for anything and slam out inaccurate reports will drag the appraisal profession down to its worst levels in decades. Already thousands of loans are being made using $35 Broker Opinions Of Value (BPOs)by BPO agent mills that boast on blogs of doing 20 to 30 a day – slapping them out because the lenders don’t care what the values are, as long as they’re within their range. Check out the blogs on BPOs….fellow Appraisers, amd weep.

  10. TJ

    As appraisers, we’re not supposed to discuss fees for fear of collusion. How, then, in a free market society, are AMC fees benefiting the market?

  11. Peter Gorman

    Don’t worry folks, what comes around goes around. It will probably take about 5 years, but after half of the appraisers out there drop out of the business because they can’t afford to stay in it, coupled with the lack of new trainees based on Fannie Mae’s new policy on trainees, those of use who survive will be charging $1,000 for a simple single-family appraisal. Wahoo! They really protected the public, didn’t they!

  12. Mike

    Appraiser Certification fee – $195; AI dues – $915;
    Realtor dues – $575; Data Subscription – $1,800; Cost Estimator Data – $300; Appraisal Software license – $500; E & O Insurance $1,000; Continuing Ed – $1,000; Office rent – $6,000; Telephone, ISP -$3,000; Supplies $2,000; Gas – $1,000($1.90/Gallon average 35 miles per appraisal); Etc. – Etc. – Etc. – $$$
    Diluted fees from AMC’s and an independant fee appraiser (doing the job correctly on a full time basis is lucky to net) – $30,000.
    25 years honing professional real estate appraisal skills – Wasted
    BPO, AVM, and any `appraisal’ without an interior inspection – Worthless.
    HVCC does not even begin to approach the real problem here.

  13. Kathleen Boston

    As a past Realtor, I had no idea that lending institutions altered your appraisals. Do you keep copies of appraisals for future audits therein?

  14. Scott

    It is time for an appraisers union! To all the appraisers that buckled and gave into the amc’s, you need a voice, you do the work and complain about it, YOU helped create this mess. I don’t do appraisal management work for the above mentioned reasons on this blog. IDEA? What if all the appraisers went on vacation for about a month…(i think the month of June would work)did no appraisal work, would the appraisal landscape change? I dont know the answer to that but my gut says not good for the amc’s or banks which own the amc’s (20%). Let them spend the whole month trying to find a replacements for what we do. It is important to note that you cant have a superbowl without the referees. Food for thought

  15. AJ Florida

    This is a quote from FHA in response to my letter found at:
    “The code focuses on appraiser independence and does not affect business or structure issues in the lending and appraisal industries”
    This is a joke that no one laughs at. If you can’t see from this pathetic response that we are being ignored then I don’t know what could convince you. Every appraiser posting on this page has the same opinion; The HVCC is going to kill the business of qualified appraisers while degrading quality and enriching the large lending institutions that just received billions in bail out funds.
    Coorporate greed is killing this Country!

  16. Darrin S

    I have been working for these Mgmt Company’s for a number of years. Less stress on value is a plus. But the problem is your work gets to you in this order: How cheap, How fast, QC is last. They dont care how experienced your are anymore.
    What we need to do is create a union!!!! it sounds ridiculous but in this day where we need to take additional time to research the neighborhoods more intensely for declining values(takes alot more time) and provide the Mgmt Co’s with 2 additional listings/pendings with LP/SP adjustments and now the new 1004MC form which takes me between 30 min to 45 min to properly gather the data and complete. The Mgmt Co’s are balking at fee increases of 25$ more for the extra time it takes to write an appraisal.
    Everyone must stand firm and raise fees, otherwise, the ones who get 150 to 175 per appraisal will get ALL the work!!!

  17. Bob Vogel

    In 1992 when there was another downturn in the economy and the “save your a**” mortgage companies beat you up on fees, I made a decided not to have mortgage lending appraisals be my main source of work. I took many classes in courtroom testimony, complex probate work, divorces, need to know reports for people wanting to list their homes for sale and valuations for people wanting to make any offer to buy. I make more money now, get 90% of my fees upfront and I’m considered an expert witness for court proceedings. If your afraid of the AMC’s setting your income, go get some classes and become the local expert!

  18. Edward

    The appraisal management companies are the only real winners here. They are unnecessary middle men….essentially pimps. The appraisers do the work and the management companies take half the pay and harass the appraisers a little. If most appraisers refuse to do business with them, this ridiculous new system will fail. If not, the appraisal business won’t be worth the trouble anymore.

  19. Jason

    Appraiser Trainee (AT)Status just earned; now, instead of a feeling of grand accomplishment and serious driven vitality for a career change out of the lending industry I have been in for 20 years, it suddenly feels more like the US stimulus plan–TAXING!

  20. bev

    The person who came up with the AMC model in this HVCC idea has obviously never been an appraiser. When Fannie and Freddie had a roster, they had far fewer problems, less fraud, quality work and adequate compensation, PLUS separation of lender from Appraiser. What is wrong with putting that simple model back to work?

  21. Steve

    Please consider the AMC in the Home Valuation Code of Conduct
    Why are the keys to the mortgage industry being handed to the AMC’s?
    If you do not think lender pressure is “passed-thru” the AMC’s to the appraiser you are not considering the issue. The AMC’s can create an unregulated choke point in the process that will eliminate the appraisers that do not play along.
    Believe me they do!!!! In last month I have heard comments like “ We do not have time to talk with the vendors (Appraisers) go on line” and I (staff at AMC) can blacklist you” This is for things like mentioning in a report zoning restrictions that cause a property to be seasonal VS year around or letting the lender know the garage is built right in the middle of the alley (not built – not vacated) easement
    Certain requirements by AMC’s for commitment to short turn times for completion of appraisals prior to the appraiser viewing the property, causes pressure on the appraiser to complete the appraisal in a time frame that may be too short.
    Three or five phone calls, emails, etc in a day from the AMC to check when the appraisal report will be completed may cause some appraisers to complete the appraisal in a careless manner, resulting in a misleading report. Some reports take additional time to complete.
    Many of the AMC’s sell turn times to “their clients” (should be the appraiser’s client), treating the appraiser in the manner of an employee of the AMC, not an independent contractor as set out in the IRS rules to the lender (appraiser’s client). Most of the AMC’s keep track of the appraiser’s turn times and assign future reports based on how fast the appraisal is completed. In my State, the department licensing appraisers has, in the past, considered completing an appraisal assignment in a very short period of time is evidence of the appraiser being careless.
    AMC’s should be paid a fee from the lender with the appraiser receiving payment direct from the lender (client). The AMC is not the appraiser’s client.
    The current method has the lender collecting a fee from the borrower, and then it gets split-up between the AMC and the appraiser. If the lender owns the AMC, it appears the lender is getting a kick-back on the appraisal fee.
    This system has lowered fee income to the appraiser, encouraged the appraiser to complete the appraisal as fast as possible resulting in pressure to lower appraisal standards to make real estate appraisal work a profession.
    The review of the appraisals in the AMC setting is by persons that do not have an appraisal license or are not licensed in the State the property is located. In some cases a computer may be the reviewer. If the AMC is selling services that indicate the appraisal report is reviewed, it should be reviewed by someone who has been licensed and trained in real estate appraisal work in the State the property is located.
    Since the appraisal is completed for mortgage purposes for a client and now we have intended users of the appraisal (borrower’s copy). There should be a large disclosure to the intended users that the appraisal is for mortgage loan purposes and should not be used for other purposes without consent of the appraiser.
    The appraisal is prepared for the client (lender) who is experienced in the use of appraisals. The lender client has certain requirements in the appraisal report that the intended users may not understand. Appraisals are prepared at different levels for different client needs containing different types of information depending on the scope of work agreed upon between the “client” and the appraiser, not the intended user and the appraiser.

  22. Robert Tilford

    We have had no one stand up and contact an existing union to see about entry for our group, If anyone has contacts and has the strength to pursue this I would join in a second, We all do need to unite in order to fight the battle that we have been presented.

  23. Marita Topmiller

    As a full time Broker/Realtor, I depend upon the accuracy of the appraisal. I bet my client’s financial health on it. Banks, the unregulated lending industry and the rating agencies like Moody’s were Number One in bringing us to this sad state of affairs…they are still doing their greedy best to strip hard working Americans of their honest pay.
    You Appraisers should Unionize. State your case to the public. Lenders should be prevented from owning any interest in AMC’s.
    Seeing what is happening to you guys makes me sick.
    My Best Wishes,
    Marita Topmiller
    Indianapolis area

  24. Adrian Bond, Memphis

    If the government really wants to make things better, in regards to appraisals: The best thing that should be implemented would be that the appraiser should be sent the order for appraisal on a house without regards to a contract. Why should it matter what the contract price of the home is, if the appraiser is doing an appraisal?? Thats the reason for the appraisal. That would make the appraiser go out and appraise the property without any regard to the contract price and come back with an honest assessment to the property without regard to the contract price, thus eliminating any bias towards some “desired” price.
    Adrian Bond

  25. Kim
    For all who had a comment above, go to this website. It is a start.

  26. Adrian Bond

    And am I the only one who thinks there is a potential conflict of interest if the Banks and lenders are the point of contacts selecting these appraisal mgmt companies? The lenders in turn could control some of the real estate values…
    Adrian Bond, Memphis

  27. sharon

    I WILL NOT do work for the AMC’s. I wish ALL appraisers would put their foot down and say “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore” NO, I WILL NOT take the assignment unless you pay me the customary $400 fee. I may be one of the ones to go out of business, but I will not work as hard as I do for a 30-50% pay cut…If EVERY single appraiser would take a stand then we would have a chance, but getting that info out to all appraiser seems to be almost impossible! I love my job and would hate to give it up, but I will have to find something else to make ends meet as of May 1st! The thing is, AMC’s put the same pressure on you as a LO can…if you don’t meet their number and their time frame, will you ever get work from them again? Probably not…

  28. David

    We have chosen to close the doors to our appraisal business on March 31, 2009. We’ve been full time residential appraisers for 17 years. From speaking to banks we’ve already learned that banks refuse to pay extra for the 1004MC. We refuse to work for AMCs that don’t pay full fees and we refuse to complete the 1004MC for less than an additional $100 fee.
    Over the past 12 months we have fought against HVCC on a daily basis, writing to congress men & women, meeting with them, writing to the media to obtain coverage of this fiasco, writing to every blog imaginable, writing to law offices about the possibility of a class action lawsuit, and warning other appraisers about what was coming. I can honestly tell you that nobody cares about this except appraisers. For those of you that haven’t figured this out yet.
    Think Little Bighorn…Think George Armstrong Custer. If ever there was a LAST STAND FOR APPRAISERS, this is it.
    At this point in time only two things that could save the profession:
    A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FOR APPRAISERS ONLY (forget the NAMB’s suit…Sue to be compensated for the loss of your career and future income)
    Air traffic controllers decided to strike in the early 1980s and fully intended to cripple the airline industry. They were outsmarted by the government however and many ended up losing their jobs.
    Both of these solutions virtually guarantee:
    National news coverage means that both the public and Congress will be forced to pay attention to our situation.
    Ask yourself this: What is the worst that could happen to you? You end up losing your existing clients and your appraisal career? Friends…the bad news is that you’ve already lost both.
    Even though we will be leaving the business for more profitable business ventures we fully support appraisers that are determined to pursue either of these strategies.

  29. AJ

    David, sorry to hear that you are getting out of the industry, especially because I know you are not alone.
    I like, no I love the idea of a class action suit. Any suggestions on how to get started? The strike will not work because there are too many appraisers that are already behind on their own mortgages. We have been bled down to a zero savings at my firm and everyone is hand to mouth as it is.
    We need media coverage, appraisers are the only ones talking about this. Soon, very soon, the realtors and mortgage brokers will care, but by then I might be out of business.
    P.S. These are the arguments expressed by our new masters that changed the HVCC from unhelpful to detrimental:

  30. David

    AJ I have no idea how to solidify appraisers behind the idea of a class action lawsuit. Others as well as myself have been searching for a firm to accept this case for nearly a year. Most firms that we have spoken with have stated that we certainly have a case if HVCC has ruined our businesses. On the other hand they aslo tell us to come up with $100,000+ and they will be willing to discuss it further.
    A strike would by far be the easiest solution to the problem. It doesn’t cost anyone money (except for those who are still accepting AMC work). We would only be striking against AMC orders. Any appraiser can accept any order from a lender who places the order for a full fee. No money required, no courts required, no law firm required.
    Unlike the air traffic controller strike of the early 1980s the government may have a tough time busting the strike. There are no military appraisers to bring to pickup the slack. Their only option would be to rewrite lending code to state that BPOs and AVMs would be acceptable to make the loan. I don’t see that happening.
    Originally I thought the idea of a strike was ridiculous. Only in the past few weeks have a come to see that it may be a serious option. We only need for a few small group (with appraiser email addresses) to band together for a common cause. Currently there are several small appraiser unions out there as well as several appraiser boards that are FIRMLY against HVCC. If these groups can band together and share email addresses this could easily be achieved with a few short months.
    As time goes on more and more appraisers will come to realize that they are either working for free or paying to work. When that happens..anything is possible.

  31. AJ

    If it is a strike against the AMCs only, then I could get behind it.

  32. Robert P. Goebel

    If we all counter offer the orders that are broadcast by AMC’s, their clients will get the picture. We can’t do quality appraisals for less money. I have personally cultivated and maintained a client base for a decade and have been an appraiser for 19 years. I will continue to fight for a professional fee to do my job right. If all seasoned and qualified appraisers will stick to their guns and not accept anything less than an on level fee with the market, then those that accept the skimmed fees will soon implode due to the inadequate quality of their product. The call backs will eat them alive. We will get through this mess. Hang in there. R. Patrick Goebel Texas

  33. Andrew C.

    I am not an appraiser. However, last year when this idea was floated I said to realtors I worked with that it would be a sea change to your business as you know it. Under the Law of Unitneded conquences, there will be a large number of you that leave the business. That is too bad because most of you were the most intelligent people in the whole transaction and did the most amount of work for the measly 375 you received. Now with the supervisory inpection requirement that will tremendously bog down the process. However, the value of you license and the fees you can/will charge in the not too distant future will go up. In the end, the consumer pays more.
    Andrew C.

  34. James Carroll

    I am all in for a class action against Cuomo and this short sighted move which will exacerbate our already reduced earning capacity to almost nothing. All my mortgage broker clients are wondering why the appraisers across the country are being punished and effectively blamed for this financial meltdown which happened at the top, not down here at the bottom. Since the savings and loan debacle in the 80’s appraisers have gotten a bad name in the real estate transaction because of the few crooks who exist, as they do in any profession. The majority of us take our job seriously and are not swayed to produce bogus reports regardless of the temptations involved, simply because we can afford to be independant of our clientelle. I have had plenty of brokers over the years ask me to do things that are not ethical, and I turn them down because I know I can still get honest work from the majority of them. If any of you have examined a closing statement, you also understand that we are the LEAST paid professionals in the transaction and yet are saddled with the MOST responsibility. Fraudulent appraisers go to JAIL, and we all get the daily, weekly and monthly newletters and e-mails from the state, from HUD and other sources making it plainly obvious that if you break the law there will be concequences, usually involving jail time. We all get that. What we don’t get is how we are supposed to survive on meager pay from AMC’s like Lenders Service, E-appraiseit and other AMC’s who are notorious for low fees and harassment for turn around times that on some properties are just not realistic. On top of that, they want to add another famous addendum (remember the VC sheets for FHA appraisals?) that takes extra time and effort to complete and think that it should be a freebie. The VC sheets destroyed the FHA market, and only when that stupidity to make appraisers into home inspectors was defeated did FHA start writing loans again. This form will also go away when the market turns around, but until then, we need to charge extra for the extra work. I receive an e-mail every single day from HUD’s website with a list of appraisers whose licenses have expired, and it is in the hundreds per week across the nation. I have been an appraiser for over fifteen years in both New York and here in Florida, and I am considering making a career change. I will most likely keep my license and CE credits up to date, just in case I am needed at some point in the future, but I really think the best defense is a good offense, so I am interested in ANY action for our collective survival. I will be doing some research on the class action angle, and should I find a wayt to do this, I will post my results. Good luck to you all!

  35. Well it is May 9th, and I can now report the effects of HVCC. The business relationships I have spent the last decade or so nourishing, GONE. I can’t even speak to my “friends” the lenders anymore because it is against the law. I have known some of these people for 13 years or more and now I can’t talk to them? Not that I have any work to talk to them about; they have to send their appraisal orders to some AMC in Nevada to be performed by some Johnny-come –lately to the appraisal business who doesn’t even know where Daddysville is much less if it is in NC, but he’s going to the appraisal for $225. We did 80 reports as a company last month, and so far I am on track to do maybe 20. Thanks Cuomo!
    I have a husband, two homes, two kids, and two cats to take care of, what am I supposed to do now????
    I have been a certified real estate appraiser for 13 years and I have never seen a market like this, where a rule imposed by a non-federal agency has taken over the sanity of an entire country.
    I think I will become a dental hygienist. At least then I might have a job future, I don’t think they will federally mandate dental hygienists out of a job.
    I refuse to work for AMCs who want to pay me peanuts, when just a few days ago I was getting $400-450 per appraisal. AMCs want to do nothing, make me do all the work, make me take all the liability, and pay me a paltry $200-275 for my hard work. No thanks! I will sit at home first.
    I am disgusted with the state of the appraisal today. It is appalling that decent hardworking individuals, who have done nothing but live a good and honest life, can have their entire livelihood knocked out by one misinformed individual that turned a case against FNMA into a federally mandated “bandaid”.

  36. Chris

    The perfect storm is coming and I am out of the business. HVCC killed 16 years of clients and after 11 years on HUD roster, I’m getting the boot. Did FHA appraisals get more complex? Gee, from doing the VC sheets in the past to today, They seem to look more and more like conventional appraisals. The only work I do now is FHA. Joined 2 AMC’s to see what it was like. Since May 1st. I made a whopping $525. When you have 2-3 thousand a month in regular bills, that aint going to cut it. I’m losing sleep, aging fast, and can’t believe the right to free market gone. I’m I living in the US or some other country. I’ll turn in my regular hours this year to keep my license for the next four, but have to find another job to pay the bills. I am completly devastated and have wrote to politicians that don’t know what the hell they did and are doing to the appraisal profession. We need to bring down Cuomo and this stupid mentality of giving the bank robbers the bank instead of putting them in jail.

  37. Dave

    I’m quitting the appraisal industry after 35 years and going to work for the Politburo uh I mean the US government.