New Bill Urges HVCC Moratorium

Representatives Travis Childers (D-MS) and Gary Miller (R-CA) co-sponsored legislation, HR 3044, that will institute an 18-month moratorium on the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC). According to, Childers’ concern is how the code is negatively impacting small businesses. The article states that “[l]ocal appraisers contacted his office saying the code negatively affects their business, according to Ben Lincoln, legislative director at Childers’ Washington, D.C. office.”

  1. Chris Hogue

    Since May 1st of 2009, we have lost 70% of our appraisal business. We have had to register with HVCC’s but there is no telling when they will give us appraisal work in our area. The fees went from $375 down to $250 per appraisal. I can not feed my family. I am about to become late on my mortgage and just had a baby girl last monday. We are at the mercey of the HVCC’s for there business. We have lost all of our business contacts that we obtained over the last 9 years. This makes me sick.

  2. Robert King

    I sad fact that in many cases a company can make more money on my work than I can while I have all the liability makes me sick.

  3. Heidi Larson

    I have refused to sign on to the AMC lists. I refuse to give 40% of my fee to a company that holds no liability for the report and is more concerned about how quickly the assignment can be completed and doesn’t care if the appraiser knows anything about the area the subject property is located. My business has dropped over 75% and I, like Chris don’t see a secure future. I also hear every day about appraisers coming from 100+ miles away to do the appraisals. These appraisers are not complying with USPAP, in the least they should disclose in their report that this area is out of their normal expertise. I perform appraisals in mainly 2 counties in Washington State and have refused requests for outside that area as I don’t have access to data and don’t feel knowledgeable of those areas to complete a quality report. Someone needs to fix this problem ASAP as it’s only going to get worse and it will effect all of the housing market, not just the appraisers! I say make the lenders pay the AMC for ordering appraisals and collecting fees and pay us the fee we work and maintain our licenses for. If the lenders had to pay, maybe they’d make sure the AMC was pulling appraisers from the correct area. If the lenders own the AMC’s, isn’t that the biggest conflict of interest? More even than a relationship that I may have with a lender? My clients have always been honest and straightforward with me and in return they received a high quality report within a reasonable timeframe. I had weeded through the lenders/brokers that tried to coerce values or who did not pay their bills and refused to do work for them. I may have to join the rising percent of unemployed and after being in this business for over 10 years. But the recession is over, right?

  4. michael

    I have read many blogs regarding the HVCC and the AMC’s. It is time the appraisers take action against what has happened to us. First and foremost, New York Attorney General Mr.Cuomo needs to be removed from office. Second, members of the appraisal institute need to cancel their memberships. We have not been represented by the AI. Maybe they will get the message. They haven’t helped at all. The NAoR is doing more for the appraisers than our own appraisal institute. The appraisers need to come together and fight these unfairly imposed regulations. We need to stop waiting for someone else to fix the problem. The appraisers have been blamed for every defect in the real estate market. Appraisers make your voice be heard. E-mail, write letters, sign petitions and let your goverment know that you are fed up with all of the B.S. that they have cramed down our throats. We are not criminals and we won’t be treated as such. We are not children and the last thing we need is some misfit AMC regulating our companies. We are not the problem! Don’t let the goverment make us out to be the scum of the earth. This is not going away unless we get loud and become a force.

  5. Mister d

    It is amazing that Mr. Cuomo feels he should even open his mouth when discussing housing seeing that fannie and freddie got into subprime lending under his watch while he was sec. of HUD. This doesnt have aything to do with the fact that prior to becoming ag he was on the board of an AMC (AMCO) with another HUD alumni Apgar. The criminality within our industry is so prevelant there is no fixing it. Andrew, They are never going to let you into the CFR so quit doing their bidding. Bankers errand boy.