HVCC In the News – Carmicheal, CA

  1. Bill Abalos

    True, out of town appraisers are messy things up. However, the problem is more than that. Lenders and AMC’s can easily find local area appraisers to do the work. The real problem is how the lenders and AMC’s treat the appraisers in general. There is still pressure to hit numbers or change reports to make a deal happen and there’s still the issue of compensation to the appraiser. Buyers are getting charged $500 for a typical appraisal but the appraiser will only see a fraction of that. If the deal does not happen, a second fee is charged again to the buyer since the broker cannot shop another lender with the previous appraisal. As I have stated before, give us our jobs back and enforce the existing rules already on the books for the real criminals out there who commit real estate fraud.

  2. Ryan Christie

    Right on the mark Bill.
    I am floored at how elementary the concept of enforcing the rules already on the books is, yet it appears we still need to give our regulator more resources to get them to do their jobs…Can you imagine what this industry would be like if we actually had proper enforcement of the rules so everyone played on a level field? No HVCC, No 3 to 1 trainer rules, no supervisor must waste their skilled time inspecting the most mundane and basic SFRs no matter how well trained their appraiser is…Man, appraising used to be exciting and fun…I cannot say that anymore.