Reminder: Eligibility Requirements for FHA Roster Appraisers

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) reminds appraisers and lenders that as of October 1, 2009, appraisers on the FHA Appraisal Roster must be state certified. FHA made the announcement in ML 2009-36. Appraisers on the roster without state certification will be removed from the roster. Appraisers who are removed from the roster but subsequently meet the minimum state certification eligibility requirements may apply for reinstatement to the roster.

Other resources that are useful for those with questions about their status on the FHA Roster include ML 2008-39: Revised Eligibility Requirements for FHA Roster Appraisers, The Appraisal Foundation’s State Qualification Criteria, and the FHA Appraisal Roster Page.

  1. David

    There’s something very odd about this.
    If you’ve had your license (excuse me…certification) for 1 minute you can sign up to appraise FHA junk homes.
    If you’ve been appraising for 40 years and have a license but not a “certification” your name is MUD.
    Don’t we have larger problems to work on…such as how to pulverize HVCC?