APB Members Named

In a press release today The Appraisal Foundation announced the members of the newly created Appraisal Practices Board (APB).  According to the Foundation, the APB “is responsible for issuing Valuation Recognized Methods and Techniques which are intended to provide support and guidance to those who require knowledge of the approaches to an issue that are recognized and accepted as appropriate and effective.”  The group will commence work on July 1, 2010.

The members are:

Jay Fishman of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, for a 30-month term (Vice)
Guy Griscom of Houston, Texas, for a 30-month term
Alan Hummel of St. Paul, Minnesota, for a 30-month term
Mark Linné of Bailey, Colorado,  for an 18-month term
Alok Mahajan of Mountain View, California, for an 18-month term
Gary Taylor of Brooksville, Florida, for a 30-month term (Chair)
Jim Vernor of Atlanta, Georgia, for an 18-month term

  1. Will this board be an appraiser advocate ? As an appraiser I fear the profession is going away.

  2. Retired Appraiser

    My thoughts exactly. Why do we need an appraisal practices board when the profession has become as obsolete as an 8 track tape player?

  3. Appraiser’s aren’t going anywhere! In fact, the industry has never been in more desperate need for talented and trustworthy appraisers. In a complex market as the one we are experiencing a computer cannot even come close to competing with a well trained intelligent appraiser. I welcome a board that will advocate higher quality appraisal practices so we can finally do away with the Appraisal Management Companies. The AMCs might have been a why to force a more objective process but they have successfully lowered the quality of results and work performed by the average appraiser. If you take away income from any group of professionals as the AMCs have done, you will guarantee a decrease in work performace. I am hopeful that the APB will help improve the work ethic of the average appraiser and show the lending industry that the AMCs need to be taken out of the picture. No is the time for appraisers to be represented by professionals who are concerned with the industry’s future and who encourage high level appraisal practices.