PEMCO Looking for FHA-Approved Appraisers

Pacific Engineering Management Company (PEMCO, Ltd) was awarded 5 Housing and Urban Development Asset Manager Contracts representing 26 states across the United States.

PEMCO is trying to get the word out that they are accepting Appraiser applications in all of these areas.  You can get information on an appraiser for PEMCO at

  1. When you asked for “Mail” I was not sure if you meant e-mail or postal mail???


    Birch Appraisal Group of NC
    1042 Washington St.
    Raleigh, NC 27605

    31 years experience in the Central North Carolina Area: Wake, Durham, Orange and surrounding counties.

    919-833-2075, 7693(F)

  2. Is Florida one of your states?

  3. Mona Capaci

    I am interested in your positions. I am a certified licensed real estate appraiser and a licensed Realtor in Hampton Roads, VA.