FHA Appraiser Training in City of Angels

On occasion, we like to keep you aware of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) appraisal trainings happening across the country.

On September 16, 2010, in Los Angeles, CA, FHA is offering “Completing Today’s FHA Appraisal”.  FHA will conduct a 1-day live training class where they will discuss how to complete an FHA appraisal & highlight recent program changes that affect the FHA appraisal.

This FREE Training Class is approved by CA’s OREA for 7 CEUs for licensed appraisers. Registration required, no fee. This training is highly beneficial for Appraisers.

More information here.

  1. I sure hope the govt gets the AMCs out of our pockets. I really loved this job before we had to take abbrv fees!!!

    Just venting!

  2. Funny how financial owned AMCs are treated differently then privately owned AMCs. Financial lenders have been trying to kill or control our profession since the early 1980’s.
    At that time, appraisers were told that they were dinosaurs and that we were extinct.

    The AMCs have done a good job of annihilating the appraisal profession. Maybe it’s time for a union? Receiving proper appraisal fees, not $20/Hr., when plumbers and electricians make $50/Hr to $100/Hr. Think about it?!

  3. Baron

    Why do HUD and the regulators continue to allow Banks and their subsidiaries to blatantly and unethically commit an act of conflict- of- interest by using in-house appraisers. Only a fool or political puppet would believe that an employee is an independent third party. This has been a serious moral offense against the American people and no one appears to have the backbone to call it what it is.