The Foundation Wants You!

The Appraisal Foundation’s (TAF) Appraisal Practices Board (APB) put out a call for subject matter experts (SME) on the valuation of green buildings. According to the release, the SME panel will “research and cite all pertinent sources of existing information on the given topic, which may include multiple recognized methods or techniques.” The panel will also work with APB in drafting voluntary guidance.

Members of the SME panel will conduct their work in two subareas: 1) general background of the green movement – including definitions of green buildings, identifying respected resources, identifying green review programs (eg, LEED, Energy Star) and 2) the setting for valuers – including identifying government incentives and describing the regulatory environment. Interested SME applicants should have experience in green building from one of the following perspectives: professional valuers; related trades or professions; users of appraisal services; educators, writers and researchers; or service in a government or government-related agency.