Free Market, Liability, and Greening an MLS

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  1. Rob Larson

    Did you know that the Real Estate Stands Organization, the group that created the RETS standard, has a Data Dictionary supporting the same green fields found in Adoption is growing and all MLSs are invited to review and comment on the standard. Goto

  2. Great article Fiona. As an appraiser I have just taken a two day course on appraising high performance homes and the instructor made the exact same point you have about MLS’s around the country providing fields for green features in homes. From an appraisal standpoint it will help us to sift through a lot of sales data to determine the value or lack thereof for these types of features. I hope MLS offices will work to accomodate this information to help market these types of properties as well as to help appraisers in their market research.